We achieve the following principles through a comprehensive management system according to international state of the art, in all product life cycles, at all levels, in all workplaces and with our partners.

Mission statement

The business policy of the CySa-Pak GmbH is oriented towards the wishes and expectations of our customers. Their satisfaction is the major reason for our success, since customers who are satisfied with our performance and the quality of our products will be long-lasting partners. From this we derive:

Non-violent communication

According to the maxim "Non-violent communication" we have set ourselves the goal to live this kind of communication throughout the everyday work. Only those who really listen can understand and can cooperate successfully in a team. Social support by superiors and colleagues as well as high requirements to independent thinking, planning and deciding, are the means to achieve the goals set by our customers. We have the aim to foster the existing and to meet all generations with respect.

Social responsibility

Maintenance and creation of working places in Germany. We are permanently challenged to create a working environment, which provides the chance to every employee to encounter the challenges of the market in a motivated, committed and secure way.

We stick to what we are doing

Quality agreements, which we reach with our customers and suppliers, are also binding for all employees. For us, quality starts with the thorough and methodical identifying of product requirements. All efforts of the quality management system are intended to produce high-quality, reliable and safe products.


Dealing with our customers, suppliers and employees with honesty and openness provides the basis for a successful cooperation and long-lasting partnership.